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Join Dynomite Dave and Billy Strehle as we discuss the upcoming Season Championship Race and review 2017 to date. also discuss moving towards 2018 CRS Race Season.

CRS Looking to 2018 and beyond!!!

Offset chassis will be allowed...

 !!!ATTENTION!!! Get a jump on the 2018 CRS Season. Current Drivers/Teams and All Drivers/Teams it is official as of 2018 The CRS Trucks will be allowing "Offset/Straight Frame" Chassis to compete. Current chassis rules will also be legal always and we are working on a rule package to make it fair for all chassis able to race with us. Former Late Model type chassis will be allowed, you just may need to make a few changes to allow the truck type bodies to fit the chassis, For more details call me 216-217-5038, we are working on full 2018 rules and hope to have ready by the Banquet.
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2017 CRS Awards Banquet

Saturday November 18th, 2017

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